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Call 281-422-5683

  • Due to the high volume of calls and lack of volunteers and staff, there is not a time frame on when we will get back to you. 

  • Do not call the office to check on status.

  • We will contact you when we have reviewed your case. 

  • If you turned in an incomplete form, you will not be contacted.

We have two programs for rental assistance:

If you are within the City of Baytown city limits and your income was impacted by COVID-19, download the CDBG-CV: Emergency Housing Assistance application.  To see if you are in the city limits click here.

Any other rental assistance, complete our Intake Form AND Rental Assistance Application and email all documentation to lovenetworkofbaytown@gmail.comWe can help with the last $200 in rent.  You must show proof that you have paid the balance.

​Utility Assistance:

Download the Intake Form AND Utility Assistance application.  Complete the application, include ALL required documentation, and send to We can help with the last $100.  You must show proof that you have paid the balance.

The belief was that holding a steady job was enough to make ends meet.


But, in today’s market, where nearly a quarter of jobs pay low wages and offer no benefits, this is no longer a reality for millions of workers and their families. This is especially true for those that are homeless and are unable to be employed.


Many workers can not make ends meet on their wages alone. Mid- and low-wage workers find themselves with insufficient wages to cover basic family needs and do not typically have access to job-related benefits to supplement their earnings. They also do not have the ability to save and when an emergency happens they cannot cover those costs. Those that fall on hard times and are not currently employed are facing even harder challenges.


Our programs assist individuals and families - both working and non-working - access basics, such as food, rental assistance, hygiene products, and baby items.

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